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Text: Don't believe everything you think.


Madrone Mental Health offers counselling and psychotherapy services for BC and Ontario children, youth, adults and families through a virtual platform or by phone. Through evidence-based therapeutic intervention we empower our clients to live authentic and meaningful lives.


We provide client-centered, evidence-based treatment in support of positive mental health. Our treatment plans are developed with your input to meet your unique mental health needs.

Core Values

We believe that knowing and understanding your values is key to living an authentic and connected life. 

Find Your Way

We seek to help you find your path. We offer treatment and support with the goal of best equipping you to manage the challenges of life independently. 

Kelly-Ann Smiley Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Kelly-Ann Smiley, MACP, RCC, RP

At Madrone Mental Health we provide counselling and psychotherapy that is effective and easily accessed. We believe that a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive environment provides clients the opportunity to explore and address any mental health concern.

Each client is unique, and therapy sessions are designed to be client-centered. Madrone's founder and principal psychotherapist, Kelly-Ann Smiley, is known for her ability to be attentive and attuned to the needs of her clients, with a genuine and sincere desire to connect.

We provide services to residents of British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.

What to Expect

Our services are tailored to each client individually, and may include various modalities of therapy, depending on your unique needs. In our initial session, we will co-develop a treatment plan based on your therapeutic goals.

Sessions are offered virtually, using your preference of either video/audio online platform, or phone.

We strive to ensure that your experience throughout therapy is as accessible and comfortable as possible. 

The therapeutic relationship has an important role to play in reaching positive outcomes, as is knowing what to expect. Please call or email us, we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Call: (250) 830-2551
Email: hello@madroneMH.com